Why deadheading is my favourite job in the garden
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Deadheading's an easy and quick way to tidy up the garden. It's enjoyable and encourages new flowers to grow.

Now, the title of this post sounds super weird if you haven't heard of deadheading before. Right? Don't worry, it's nothing scary!

In fact, it's super easy and fun! Deadheading means removing any 'spent', that means wilted, flowers. Simply cutting them off with a pair of secateurs (garden scissors) does the trick. 

I love it because it's just a simple job that doesn't take too much energy. Most of our 'deadhead-able' plants are at shoulder height in easy to reach places. No need to reach or bend. 

They don't call it 'lady of the manor' gardening for no reason!

It's easy and has a big impact. We bought two Marguerite Daisies (Argyranthemum). One for ourselves and one for my grandparents. 

I deadheaded ours every couple of days. Just passing by and snapping off any flowers that had had their day. It kept flowering until October.

The one at my grandparents that didn't get deadheaded flowered once.

Cutting the wilted flowers off signals to the plant it needs to keep producing more flowers.

You can do this with pretty much any flowering plant; roses, ... Just make sure to leave some flowers on the plant. Especially those that produce seeds or hips like roses.

Otherwise, they won't be able to reproduce for next year, or in the case of rose hips, you'll lose out on a good source of bird food over winter as well as long lasting color in the garden...

What's the difference between cutting back (the Chelsea Chop) and deadheading?

You could argue there isn't much difference. Cutting back a plant is literally that. Taking a pair of scissors/shears and just cutting down the whole plant.

It does the same thing as deadheading, it allows the plant to regrow and rejuvenate. You cut off all growth; flowers, stems and leaves. This is only done with specific plants, Lady's Mantle comes to mind here.

Image of a shrub of daisies, there's someone's hand holding one of the flowers while they use secateurs in their other hand to cut it off. The flowers they cut off is wilted.

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